100% veteran owned,  Cherokee tribe voter
100% veteran owned,  Cherokee tribe voter

Who else wants to make their engines
life double? This can happen.

Who else wants to make their engines
life double? This can happen.

100% VETERAN OWNED,I am voting member of the Cherokee tribe

My Blog

My Blog

My Blog

My friends, 15 year old grand daughter owns the speed record


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Prolong Super Lubricants, No Equal in the World.

Tulsa area, I will treat up to 10% of your fleet with Prolong Super Lubricants, No Charge, No cost, NADA. 

My Phone # is at my website, 918-804 2817,leave a message with your name and phone # and the best time to return your call, This is a great product, this is how I market my Product, I let people try it out before they spend a penny.,, Best regards 

Paul Clay, Prolong makes your engine,

run cooler, start easier,more power, 

and several other things you will discover, ,P Clay wholesale, May, 10 

P Clay wholesale

I don't have a pick up place, I live out in the country. I ship out all my Prolong, every day. Text me, Phone # 918-804-2817. with a message,Phone # and the best time to return your call. Please give me a call after 2 pm, central time, 6 days,thx

My email is open 24/7 ,I usually check my email about 5 times a day.



, any tme  after 2PM CDT, as soon as everything is in place, I'll put 

my phone # Here. , 918/804/2817 or

text me, thank you. I have shipped to 49 states in the US,  to Canada, Mexico, Australia and Israel. I do not ship to Canada and Mexico any longer, as of March 25, 2019, I have shipped to all states except VERMONT, don't know why I never sold anyone there, my great  product. 

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2 cycle engine,Treat with Prolong,AFMT, $39.95. ,1 US Quart,

32 ounces , This is an ashless product,

you don't have to worry about this Prolong fouling a Plug,1 ounce of Prolong, mix with 1 pint, (16) ounces,

of 2 cycle oil, ad the proper amount

of the mixture to the fuel can to mix with the gasoline, Then pour the mixed, OIL and fuel  into the fuel tank of the chainsaw or outboard engine, the 2 cycle oil has info on the container,  of the ratio of oil to fuel mix, just  follow these  directions. 

My Blog


2 cycle engine, Prolong,AFMT*

$39.95, 1 US quart.

To use in 2 cycle engines, use only 1 fluid

ounce of Prolong, mix with 1 pint(16 ounces)of 2 cycle oil, mix prolong and the 2 cycle oil,then  (ad the proper amount of the mixture to the fuel can)

and then pour gas/oil mixture into the fuel tank of the chainsaw, or out board motor , just be careful and please pay attention to 

what you are doing, you will be Ok, 

* anti-friction-metal- treatment.


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1 QT, Prolong super lubricants.$39.99

Good things, $39.99 , 1 QT, Prolong additive. AFMT


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Easier starting, Hot or cold, runs smoother ,better acceleration , runs cooler, make a good engine GREAT. 

works on all kinds of engines,  boats, cars/truck/diesel or gas, , prices good til shipping goes up again., chainsaws, welding machine, even airplanes,  especially, Turbo's , gas or diesel engines, When  

a turbo goes, grab your wallet, it's a train wreck. USA only, 48 states 

Turbos demand Quality lubricant, nothing better than PROLONG.


Prolong Super Lubricants,


($48.00 shipping)

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Really its a full ( LITRE),

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Prolong Super lubricants, AFMT 1 QT,


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Prolong Super lubricant, No Equal in

the world, We  fix tired engines, also will repair tired gear boxes.  

 I also have 1 gallon container(,128 ounces ), No equal in the world, it sells 

for $89.99, postage paid, 


My background,

My Background


I am an old mechanic,old US Navy veteran,  ,honorable

discharge, flag waver,2nd amendment

supporter,and I am a proud American,

I am a voting member of the Cherokee 

tribe, and I work for the Cherokee Nation, I have been with them 14 years ,

I work as a bell man at the Hard Rock Hotel in Catoosa, Oklahoma, Part time.

  I have lots of friends there, many of them have been there several years too. I have used this Prolong  for over 20 years and I will 

always sell it, as long as I can buy it. If you have never tried it, You are missing out on something very good for your vehicle,  

email to check stock, pclayxx1940@gmail.com

Email, pclayxx1940@gmail.com

If you have a tachometer,  you need to remember how many rpms you are running at 60 mph. after you add the Prolong, Your RPMS will be less at the same speed, example*, be fore treatment

with prolong, you may be turning 1600

 rpms at 60 mph, after you treat your engine,  at 60 mph, you may only be 

turning, 1400,If it doesn't change, someone already treated it with Prolong

or a very similar product, I know of only 1 product as good as Prolong, which will 

remain secret* and it is sold as a MLM

program, very expensive,  

My Favorite Cars

1 Quart bottle of Prolong Super Lubricant, 
(32 ounces) of tired engine repair in a bottle, $29.59

I always liked Trucks, all sizes,  We had 

an NEW Ford truck , 1978 ,F150, , 400 V8

Gasoline engine,

My son, 13 years old was trained on this new truck, He Changed oil, oil filter, and lubricated the front suspension,and the drive line, every 2000 miles, the last time i saw it, it had 450,000 miles on it, 

could hardly hear it run, The old body was showing lots of wear, but the engine and gear box wasn't tired at all.  we changed out 1 front end part, the drag link, cost about $65.00 in all these miles.I saw it last , about 1998 . How do I know all of this, it was my shop , where 

the service was done by my young son. 

I mix the Prolong with the engine oil, first treatment, I add 3 ounces with each QT of engine oil, 5 quart engine oil, gets 15 ounces of Prolong, then every 3rd oil and filter change, gets 1 ounce of Prolong to each qt of engine oil, , I change oil and filter at 3500 miles, just an old habit, but it has always worked for me.

Prolong Super lubricants,


($0.00 shipping)

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, 1 Quart, Prolong Super Lubricant, With AFMT, I have used this product, since 1995 Over 20 years. still  great today, 

Old tricks most people like,

I can stop smokers, , Blue smoke means, oil is burning, Black smoke means too much fuel is burning, White smoke means water* or transmission fluid is burning, make a white smoke, like a grass fire, * head gaskets has blown, got too hot, all these things can be fixed. I'll tell you how.How to repair gas tanks that rust and developed small rust holes, and you want to keep original gas tank. email me, pclayxx1940@gmail.com, Help me in subject line. with date, 1/2/19* EXAMPLE * USA, only, 48 states LL

Call me, 918-804-2817 after pm CDT

Let's Talk Cars!

There is a miss print in the website, this Prolong Super Lubricant is on special 

for $39.95 for a quart bottle, FREE shipping,100% money back guarantee,

if you don't think this has helped your engine, contact me, I will send you total price you paid, it works with any sound engine, any fuel, Propane, gasoline,diesel,Natural gas, your engine will run cooler, start faster,perfect for Turbo's,       Add 2 ounces to your power steering ,  

I have used this product since 1995,thank you, 


P. Clay wholesale,

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States (rural)

Hard of hearing, I just got a new phone, which I can hear a lot better, 918-804-2817 after 2 PM, CDT or just leave a text.

Get in Touch,add Date to emai

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